Accurate Reserve and Transition Studies

At Hughes Reserve and Asset Management, LLC, we provide the most accurate reserve and transition studies possible.

We estimate the existing and future capital funding needs of your group, whether it is a country club, homeowner association (HOA), or any other group needing project and budget assessment.

Apart from providing reserve studies and capital budget planning, we also offer project assessment services, major component assessment, and renovation planning.

Hughes Reserves and Asset Management, LLC

Procedure Followed to Generate Reports

  • Record (video), inspect and quantify capital budget components.
  • Estimate the service life of each major component.
  • Estimate the cost of repair or replacement of each major component.
  • Consult with onsite staff, suppliers and current sub-contractors providing services to the property regarding the cost to repair and replace various components.
  • Estimate the remaining service life of each major component.
  • Provide one, five, 10, 30, or any number of years of anticipated reserve expenditure reports.
  • Provide a 30-year estimated annual assessment requirement by members, necessary to adequately fund future anticipated expenditures.
  • Conduct unlimited web conferences discussing various funding strategies so that the property is adequately funded and fiscally prepared for future capital requirements.

At Hughes Reserve and Asset Management, LLC, we are committed to providing you with accurate CapEx budget and reserve study reports.

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